AGAVE Smoothing Treatment

Want to say goodbye to your frizzy coarse, unruly hair? This is the answer…   AGAVE OIL PROFESSIONAL SMOOTHING TREATMENT

Agave Oil Treatments are perfect for almost everyone regardless of your hair type.   Agave Smoothing Treatment can be used over previously chemically straightened and coloured hair.

We’ve searched long and hard for a safe alternative to the formaldehyde-based Brazilian Keratin treatments that you love.  After testing numerous smoothing products, we are happy to say we’ve found one that gives great results and is 100% truly formaldehyde free.  Your hair can be frizz-free, smooth, shiny and easy to manage with a safe non-toxic product.

N-Gravity Treatment

N-Gravity is a new generation of services for you in salon.

NATURE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION COME together to create a new generation of treatments for hair, applied using a NATURAL MIST.

The N-GRAVITY SYSTEM is available in two different treatments;  N-GRAVITY EXPRESS,  deep conditioning and N-GRAVITY+, a hair repair treatment. Two natural treatments with excellent results.

N-Gravity Express is a fast and effective service (just 5-10 minutes per application), to help maintain a healthy appearance of hair.

N-gravity+ rejuvenates and rebuilds the hair, with longer lasting results due the two Phase application ; the first phase works in the cortex and the second phase on the cuticle.

Thanks to the advanced technology , the N-Gravity system is capable of penetrating the internal structure of the hair,  rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres . Compared to conventional systems or treatments , NGRAVITY provides faster and superior reconstructing and cosmetic properties to hair than has ever been possible before.

So now your hair can be just how nature intended – beautifully soft, shiny and healthy.